Markcol - Seven Sisters Tea - Sunburst Raspberry

Press Sample

With summer now officially over sadly the summer nights have also said their farewells as well. One of the most enjoyable things about the summer nights is relaxing & drinking my tea.
I received this tea somewhere around mid spring & it was one of those teas that I felt needed to be enjoyed when the weather was perfectly warm, which for me is summer evenings. 

I am someone who likes to smell the tea before it's steeped. I feel as if it helps enhance my experience & bring the tea to life. When you smell it, it's often a much different taste than the scent. The scent of Sunburst Raspberry has a very sweet yet citrusy scent. However it's not a processed fake scent, it's a very natural raw scent. 

& The taste is just has beautiful, the sweet & citrus are still very noticeable but when tasting you can pick up a hint of floral but barely.

It just enhances the moment. There used to be nights after my children were asleep, when I would just sit on the couch on our outside porch & just let me brain relax. & just really have some me time. & this tea just helped me feel the moment. 

This Sunburst Raspberry tea is available on so feel free to check out their site, however if you're interested in just checking out this tea click >here< for the direct link. 

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