Rush Brush from Cake Beauty

Press Sample

One of the difference I've noticed since I've become a mother is how busy my days or weeks can get without any type of notice, which is why I am very excited to share the new Satin Sugar Rush Brush with you. 
Cake Beauty has launched this super new & convenient product called the Rush Brush. Their Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo  in a wonderful refillable, travel size brush.  Which is something I have never heard of before this.

 Before this I used to only know of dry shampoos that came in air compressed spray containers, so I am super impressed that someone thought outside the box & decided to combine this type of packaging with a product such has a dry shampoo. I've used different dry shampoos previous to this one & there was always the issue of me sometimes spraying to close which means I would have a concentrated spot of white dust like particles on my head, which was a very unpleasant look as well as it was very difficult to blend in.

However Cake Beauty has this wonderful creation in 3 shades, "lighter hues", "darker hues", & their newest shade "darkest hues". Which is wonderful because we all do not share the same hair colour, so I appreciate them creating this product to suit almost everyone.
Theres a couple of interesting ingredients in this dry shampoo. It contains Zeolite, as well as Chamomile & Calendula (Marigold). & What is doesn't contain is parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, GMOs, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten and triclosan.

The product has a very sweet scent to it, that is there but not in your face. It's a very sweet sent like Vanilla & Sugar, which makes it even more pleasant to work with, unless you aren't a huge fan of sweet scents.

I'd really recommend trying it or at least checking it out!
These retail for $22.00 CAD & are available at Sephora Canada, Murale & on

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