To my readers: 
I, PrettynSpooky.com vow to always write our blog posts with 100 percent honesty. I truly value my readers, which is why I only work with brands who will allow me to be honest when reviewing products. Please keep in mind when reading my reviews that experiences & opinions vary due to my bodies biology, & personal skills. Which means just because something worked for me doesn't guarantee it will work for you and vice versa, just because something doesn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you. I will do our best to provide you with the most accurate purchasing info that I can, such as where to buy the item(s), the price & when the item is available. I also follow the FTC guidelines when it comes to disclosing any press samplessponsored posts/ads, as well as affiliate links. You will see these disclosures at the top left of any post that they apply to, if there isn't one, that means there's nothing to disclose which means all items used were purchased by me. I appreciate your time here with me, & will continue to uphold this promise.

To interested brands:
I am pleased to work with brands as well as PR companies. However since I do have terms when it comes to receiving products. Prior to you sending anything, I request that you contact me first, to ensure I have time to review the items you're sending, as well as declare any special instructions & include all purchasing info. Such as retailers, SRP & availability. I do not accept (lab) samples, mini or travels items unless they're included in a set. As for shipping I ask that you provide tracking for the package or an estimated time of arrival. All shipping fees including duties, will also be covered by the brand or PR company that sent them. If an item is sent without prior notice, I cannot guarantee it will be featured on the blog. Unless agreed upon beforehand, all items sent will not be returned. If items are to be sent back, shipping fees will be covered by the company.
All items received are not guaranteed a favourable review, as I review everything with 100% honesty. I do provide pros as well as cons, so any negative reviews will be done in a professional manner. While I am happy to send the link to the blog post after publishing (please request if you'd like this to be done), I will not submit posts prior to publishing unless it is a paid post. With that being said, I do not work with brands that require positive reviews only.
Please note different products have a different turn around time. Cosmetics & home decor can be done within a week or two, however skin care items can take 2 to 6 weeks. 

Disclosure term definitions:
Press Samples - item(s) was provided for free to review by the brand/creator or PR company
Sponsored Post/Ad(vertisement) - this indicates that the poster has been compensated to review or promote the items
Affiliate Links - this means that links featured in that blog post, are special links so that poster makes a small commission from any purchases you chose to make using it.

Anita, xo

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