Made to Melt | Indie Wax Vendor Interviews

Hello loves, I am thrilled to share my interview with the maker of Made to melt. As well as some photos of my own haul from them. So let's jump right into it!
Made to Melt | Indie Wax Vendor Interviews
Made to Melt | Indie Wax Vendor Interviews
Please introduce yourself, what's your name as well as the name of your brand?
Shawna McGahey from Owensboro Kentucky. Made to Melt

-What led you to choosing the brand name you did, were there any others in mind?
Our original name was Warm Tarts Make Happy Hearts but at craft shows they thought food  "tarts" so we had a contest in the group and MTM won.
Made to Melt haul
 -Other than wax melts, do you sell anything else?
Wax and Linen Spray is all that we sell now.

-What led you to creating your own products?
I ordered a lot of wax and Mom decided we should research and learn how to make them so that I did not have to buy so much wax.

-How long have you been in this business? Is it a side hustle or full time job for you?
About 5-6 yrs. I work full time so this is basically my 2nd full time job. We get together almost everyday to make wax, Mom does most of the computer work. 

-Since joining the wax industry, how has it changed?
The biggest change has been price for oils, wax, shipping. While we refund our customers shipping overages, sadly that does not happen for us and shipping seems to having padding to it from most supply companies.
Made to Melt Raspberry Custard
Made to Melt Raspberry Custard
-What other interests & hobbies do you enjoy?
Reading, games, extreme couponing. I spend a lot of time researching sales, discounts, coupons, what coupons I can't use I send to families overseas as military families can use expired coupons for four months longer. 

-While scent preferences vary from one to nose to another, without knowing a person's preferences, what are three "universal" scents you'd recommend to anyone.
Strawberry, I feel like we have the best strawberry and most people love strawberry. 
Grape Ape . Reminded my me of being a kid and eating grape candy.
Fruit Loops. Childhood memories for most and everyone recognizes this scent.

-What is your favourite thing about the wax melt industry?
 I love that I am able create something new everyday and it touches someone. Relaxes them, energizes them, brings back fond memories. Not many mediums do this. 

-Excluding your own brand, what is one of your favourite brands to get wax from?
Sweet Sage Scents. I really enjoy her wax , it was my first wax I ever bought and still continue to enjoy it. 
Made to Melt Gingerbread Cookie Angelfood Cake
Made to Melt Gingerbread Cookie Angelfood Cake
-What are your top 10 selling scents?
1. Strawberry 
2. Strawberry Paris
3. For the love of Sydney 
4. Grape Ape
5. Fresh Towels
6. Sweet Indulgence 
7. Strawberry filled Powdered Sugar Donut 
8. Fruit Loops
9. Sniffer Fixer
10 Cheesecake (mixed with anything) especially Strawberry 

-From the moment inspiration sparks, giving a rough estimation, how long does it take you to execute it?
Mom gets up immediately and makes it. Sometimes she does have to buy items, like cups or a specific mold, which takes until arrival but she gets up often, sometimes even in the night, to make something she thought of or dreamed of. 

-What helps you continue doing what you do, where do you find your motivation? 
My Mom, she wakes up every morning to make wax. Lives to make wax and often she will get up in the night to blend something or make a loaf she imagine in her head. 

-Advice can be so helpful when starting out. What is something you wish you knew, when you started out?
You need a large amount of money, this is not a cheap business to start. You need to test, test, test, test, test not only wax but oils. Each oil you bring in you need to test, out of bottle will not tell you anything. 
Made to Melt Sweet Indulgence
Made to Melt Sweet Indulgence
-Where do you want your business to be in a year, are there any goals you wish to achieve?
Continue to grow, we have a booth in a mall now, getting ready to wholesale and just keep on growing our online business, and local business.

Made to Melt Online

Thank you so much for reading,
Anita xo

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