Hand & Nail Care Haul | Indie Expo Canada

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Hey loves, I hope you're all doing fantastic. As most of you may be aware, I attended Indie Expo Canada this year. So naturally I had to pick up a ton of hand & nail care items, so I'm thrilled to be sharing my haul with you. I love swatching & stamping, so my nails deal with way more than the average amount of nail polish & acetone. Which means they need lots of love to ensure they stay well moisturized & well kept. So let's jump right into this post!

Hand & Nail Care Haul | Indie Expo Canada
Hand & Nail Care Haul | Indie Expo Canada
Alter Ego Body Care Products
Alter Ego Body Care Products
First up is Alter Ego Body Care Products, I got three of their Cuticle Oil Brush Pens*, last year when I attended I got some cuticle oils, however the brush pen they came in was very leaky & sadly I ended up throwing them out because they were just too difficult. Anyways, I ended up telling Cynthia about my issues, so when I seen her again this year, she gave me three of her new pens. I got the scent Chocolate Mint, Sweet Pea & Peach.  

Alter Ego Online 

Cuter Cuticles
Cuter Cuticles
Last year when I attending Indie Expo Canada, I stumbled upon the brand Cuter Cuticles. Which was an absolute life changing experience for me. I have been loving my Cuter Cuticles oils. The brand owner Sammy is always coming out with new scents, however you can always request older scents. Which is truly one of the things I love about Cuter Cuticles. They don't do the whole "Limited edition, after this it's gone forever" gimmick. I am someone who once I find something I love, I'll keep buying it over & over & over again. Cuter Cuticles offers two sizes of Cuticle Oils, There's the small roller balls, as well as the large refill bottles. I love purchasing new scents in the roller balls to try out, & then if I really love them, I buy them in the large refill bottles. 
So here's a list of all the items I got from Cuter Cuticles. 
Mani Bombs: Apple Jills, Cheshire Grin & Squattermelon x2. 
Roller Ball Cuticle Oils: Hawaiian Punch, Gummi Bears, Peach Mango Salsa & Kandy Kaboom
Cuticle Oil Refills: Lemon Cupcake, Poison Apple & Bubble Gum
Green Apple Finger Jam, Lemon Cupcake Trio* & Serendipity Acetone Additive

Cuter Cuticles Online

Ever After Polish
Ever After Polish
During my rounds, & taking pictures of the booths, I spotted some cuticle oils at Ever After Polish. They had three scents I absolutely needed. I purchased Cuticle Oils in Fruit Loops, Snow Cone & Funnel Cake. However when all the tutorials were done, the items were given to me, so I got two Cuticle Crellys from that, those two scents were fruit loops & hibiscus (not shown, because I gave it to a friend). & then a super sweet friend of my, Babi from Colorsutraa, gave me Lychee Margarita. I also did pickup a Funnel Cake Acetone Additive, however it's currently in my acetone. 

Ever After Polish online

Inspired Sense
Inspired Sense
Inspired Sense is a newer brand, & I was excited to see them at IEC this year. They absolutely spoiled me with a ton of nail care items. I am so impressed with how quickly this brand built up their range of items, as well as the quality of them. Everything smells so good & sweet!
So here's what I got. 
Mani Fizzies* in Bubblegum, Mani Bombs* in Fairy Cake & Donut.
Hand & Body Butter* in Unicorn Poop, Everyday Cuticle Balm*, 
Hand Moisture Bar*, Extreme Hydrating Skin Spritzer* in Cotton Candy
Two Sugar Hand Scrubs*, Cuticle Oil Bubblegum.
& I purchased Cuticle Oil Pens in the scent Berries & Cream, & Peach Bellini. 

Inspired Sense Online

Turtle Tootsie
Turtle Tootsie
Then I popped by the Turtle Tootsie Polishes booth, & I seen that they had some Sugar Scrubs. I am telling you this right now, I legit had a fight with myself over which scent to pickup.  It was super close between Chocolate Mint & Pumpkin Bread. However my need for fall & halloween to be here asap won. Pumpkin Bread spells like pumpkin patches, plaid, & everything you love about fall & halloween. I really am fighting back the urge to taste it. I need more of these!

Turtle Tootsie Polishes online

Thoughts: I had an absolutely blast at Indie Expo Canada, I really wanted to try & pick up something nail care related from every brand, but my phone was dying so I was more focus on getting the photos & totally forgot to purchases from some brands. Which honestly upsets me, because I truly love testing out cuticle oils & hand care. Also if you couldn't tell I have an absolute sweet tooth, although in this case I think it'd be called a sweet nose. I'll be posting individual review posts soon, of course I can't be posting one right after another, it's nail care. It takes a bit of time to make sure that the results are actually from each product, & not just results of the past products used. So make sure you check back in the future for those! 

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Thank you so much for reading,
Anita xo

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  1. Thank you for sharing your haul! Your photos are outstanding!