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Hello loves, I hope you're doing wonderful! Today I'll be sharing this years first holiday gift guide, & it's starring products from Hard Candy's holiday line. 
Hard Candy Gift Sets
Hard Candy Gift Sets

1. Glam Kit Supreme Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Set - $19.97 CAD
This large set has a beauty book vibe to it. It has a magnetic closure, & swings open like a book. The left side is liners on liners on liners, there's 10. On the left side there's 48 eyeshadows, there's a gorgeous mix of colours, most of which are neutral, with some pops of colour. This is good for any serious makeup maniac, or someone who is just starting to build their makeup collection.
Hard Candy - Glam Kit Supreme Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Set
Hard Candy - Glam Kit Supreme Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Set

2. Look Pro! Eye Artiste Contour Collection sets - $4.97 CAD
This set includes 6 eyeshadows, eye primer, mascara, eyeshadow brush & eyeliner. These sets are perfect for smaller gifts, perhaps stocking stuffers, something for beginners, teenagers, or perfect to pickup if you're travelling during the holidays. 
Hard Candy - Look Pro! Eye Artiste Contour Collection sets
Hard Candy - Look Pro! Eye Artiste Contour Collection sets

3. Pink So Kissable Lip Kit - $4.97 CAD
This kit contains 5 mini lippies, with 3 different finishes. They're gorgeous, there's also good range of colours, they're not all nudes, or bolds. Which is perfect for when you want to mix it up. The lippie finishes in this kit are Wet Shine, Matte & Metallic. 

4. All-In-One Brow Kit - $4.97 CAD
The brow kit it's a great set considering brows & brow trends have been huge this year. This set comes with 4 brow powders, I do with there was a darker shade cause 3 of them are fairly similar with small differences. There's a tweezer, brow comb, a brush to apply the powders, brow wax & a highlighter for your brow bone. 
Hard Candy - So Kissable Lip Kit & All-In-One Brow Kit
Hard Candy - So Kissable Lip Kit & All-In-One Brow Kit 

5. Holiday Cracker collection - $14.97
This collection is perfect for stocking stuffers or even just as a surprise during dinner or a Christmas eve gift. They all contain something different such as Liquid Eyeliner, Volumizing Lip Gloss, Bold Hold Lip Lacquer, Matte Lip Colour, Matte Metallic Lip Colour and Long Wear Eyeliner as well as paper hats I believe. The packaging is extremely fun, they're holographic marbled pink & blues. 
Hard Candy - Holiday Cracker collection
Hard Candy - Holiday Cracker collection

6. Look Pro! Highlight and Contour Face Sticks - $3.00 
Contouring will probably never go out of style. This set is perfect for stocking stuffers or beginners. You get a good amount of product & the price tag is unbeatable. 
Hard Candy - Look Pro! Highlight and Contour Face Sticks
Hard Candy - Look Pro! Highlight and Contour Face Sticks

7. Bath Bomb Set - $14.97
This set is pretty awesome you get a lot of bath bombs, personally I would use the small onces for my manicure soaks, feet soaks or even for my kids to use when they take a bath. Great for stocking stuffers or just to give as a set. 
Hard Candy - Bath Bomb Set
Hard Candy - Bath Bomb Set

First things first, I really just want to send a HUGE thank you to Hard Candy, the holidays are extremely pricey as is, so thank you for providing a ton of items that wont break the bank but will also make extremely awesome gifts. The items in this gift guide are from $3.00 to $20.00. So extremely, extremely affordable. Even if none of these items make you say "Oh I should get that", I would still highly recommend checking out their other holiday items or even their core line. They're an extremely affordable brand with a huge selection. 

This post is sponsored by Walmart Canada. In exchange for this review, I have received special perks in the form of products. All opinions on this blog are my own.

Thank you so much for reading,
Anita xo

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  1. Really cute gift sets! I really like their Glamoflauge concealer - it covers all the things!