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Hello lovely, this post is for all my halloween fans! I am super excited to be showing you some of the Halloween products that Avon came out with this year! So let's jump right into this!

First item I'll be sharing with you is the Day of the Dead Candelabra. It's a beautiful addition to any table. The sugar skulls, are black & sort of have a lacy look about them. There are tree fake candles, that are battery powered. The Candelabra stands at 39 cm tall & 29 cm wide.
The Day of the Dead Candelabra retails for $29.99
Avon - Day of the Dead Candelabra
Avon - Day of the Dead Candelabra

Next up is the Day of the Dead Pet Figures which is a two piece set. At first I was a bit worried that my kids might not like them, but they love them. It's a bit of a cutesy sugar skull inspired, inside of a more spooky skeleton look. Which I currently am looking for until my kids are older. Both pieces are actually made from polyresin, so they have a nice weight to them.
This set retails for $21.99.
Avon - Day of the Dead Pet Figures
Avon - Day of the Dead Pet Figures

The next item(s) I'll be showing you is the Set of 2 Mini Spider Bowls. These cute little spider bowls are made out of metal, with a matte black finish. I personally think these are too cute to be used for food, so I have one in my beauty room that holds my perfume samples, & the other down stairs for my house keys. However they would make excellent candy dishes or even great for dips.
The set of two retail for $11.99

Avon - Set of 2 Mini Spider Bowls
Avon - Set of 2 Mini Spider Bowls

Avon - Day of the Dead Hanging Skull
Avon - Day of the Dead Hanging Skull
Now this one is absolutely exciting, it's the Day of the Dead Hanging Skull, it's a matte black skull, bedazzled with glitter & rhinestones. I am extremely excited because this year I made another halloween wreath, A HUGE HALLOWEEN WREATH. & The large sugar skull fit perfectly in the middle. The skull is 20 cm wide & 30 cm tall.
This huge skull retails for $14.99.
Avon - Day of the Dead Hanging Skull
Avon - Day of the Dead Hanging Skull

The last time I have to show you is the Two Tiered Web Server, it's absolutely stunning. It's perfect for Halloween parties, or even if you're like me & love spooky stuff all year around. Personally if you're into spooky decor, I think this would be a fantastic display setup for nail polish. You could always just use it for sandwiches & cupcakes too tho.
This Two Tiered Web Server is $24.99. 

I am utterly in love with this years Halloween collection from Avon. They're all gorgeous, the whole Day of the Dead, spiders & witch stuff. It's all so spooktacular!
All items in this post, plus more is currently available through a Avon Independent Sales Representatives, 1-800-265-AVON or Online at Avon.ca

Thank you so much for reading,
Anita xo

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