Lip Smackers | Tsum Tsum Disney Stack-able Lip Balm

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Hey beautiful, today I have this adorable Thumper lip balm from Disney Tsum Tsum & Lip Smackers!!
Lip Smackers | Tsum Tsum Disney Stack-able Lip Balm | Caramel Kisses - Thumper

 I am absolutely adoring this whole Tsum Tsum trend that's taken off. The Disney Tsum Tsum line is absolutely so adorable. They're very simple, as in they don't have a ton of detail however it's still very obvious who the character is & is still cute. 

I grew up using Lip Smackers, they honestly have probably came out with 1000 different scents. They've been around for ever, & collaborate with everyone. So when I seen that they came out with these I was extremely excited. Mainly because I really want Marie, & I really wanted Thumper. The scent is Caramel Kisses, I feel like it's a bit more like a Caramel Coffee scent. Not really a huge fan of it, but I don't mind it because I love Thumper!! & the formula is still great & very moisturizing. 

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