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Hello gorgeous, I hope you're doing fantastic! Next liquid lipstick I have to share with you the the Younique Splash Formula!
Younique Splash | Superstitious
Younique Splash | Superstitious
Let's start with the application shall we? The product is thick, creamy & has a bit of a silicone like texture, similar to the texture of some pore-filler primers. The application was a bit streaky, semi opaque, went on rather smooth. It doesn't dry down completely like other matte liquid lipsticks, it's more like a classic matte tube lipstick, in a more fluid consistency.

Due to when it came out & how it's been marketed, I believed it would be like the traditional matte liquid lipsticks. There was a lot of transferring, on cups, straws & food. Also when you press your lips together, most of the product from one lip would transfer onto the other & become extremely blotchy. There was also a bit of staining.

I did end up removing it after an hour or two since I'm not really a fan the classic lipsticks, I feel they're just too much maintenance. Although it is literally a matte cream lipstick, it's not a matte liquid lipstick.

It really is such a beautiful blue lipstick, however it's a shame it's not what I was expecting. If you love liquid lipsticks that are like that Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, because you don't like classic lipsticks, I would recommend passing on this. However if you do like regular lipsticks, this maybe something you're interested in. 

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