Valentine's Day Gift Guide

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Hey guys! It's almost that time of year again! Valentine's Day! Woot woot. Here's some of my personal recommendations, & I hope you like em.
Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Juicy Couture - I Am Juicy Couture
Juicy Couture - I Am Juicy Couture
This perfume is sweet & fruity. I personally love sweet scents that are too candy like, so I am addicted to this one.

Top Notes: Raspberry, Pomelo & Passion fruit
Middle Notes: Sweet Pea, Rose, Heliotrope & Gardenia
Base Notes: Cashmere, Amber & Musk

I Am Juicy Couture, is available at places such as Shoppers Drug Mart & Sephora. Juicy Couture offers a good amount of perfumes, so if you don't think this one the right one they have others, as well as a multi-pack that offers minis.

Hard Candy
If the person you're shopping for loves super affordable makeup, or you're on a budget I recommend checking out the brand hard candy! They have some gorgeous kits, nail polishes, & lips products. I'm a huge fan of Hard Candy, I think they make any other affordable brands step their game up when it comes to new products & quality.
Hard Candy can easily be found at Walmart.

 Hair Care
If yourself or the person you're shopping for has coloured hair, damaged hair or is just addicted to hair product. I would highly recommend checking out some of these products by L'Oreal & Pureology. Depending on which items you choose they could help protect the colour, help moisturize the hair or help fix damage.

These products can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart or Walmart.

Sanfilippo Wing it
Sanfilippo Wing it
If you or the person your buying for loves trying new products or has a hard time doing winged liner, you may want to consider checking this out. It's a two sided liner, one side has the triangle stamp & the other side has the fine felt tip liner brush.

Unfortunately this isn't available in stores yet, however you can order it from the Sanfilippo Wing it website & it ships out & arrives pretty quickly.

Nail Polish
Perhaps the person loves nail polish, there's a ton of options available. If you live near a The Face Shop store, they have a gorgeous pinkish red glitter as well as other gorgeous polishes. However if you want something more close to home, you can pop by a Shoppers Drug Mart, & pick up some Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polishes or Essence Gel Finish polishes. Both lines offer a fantastic colour selection.

Every year Lush comes out with a fantastic selection of goodies for their valentine's day collection. Some of them are cult favourites & some are brand new additions. They're a fantastic choice if you want to spoil someone in luxurious bath or body products. They're available on the Lush website or if you're lucky & have a Lush store near you, you can check them out there.

Another great option is a purchasing a subscription service for them, I personally think Chococurb is an excellent choice since everyone loves chocolate & it's a gift that'll show up every month. They also offer different sized boxes, so if want you can pick the smaller box & get them a gift for the actual day.  

 Now I think this one is gonna be one of the most realistic recommendations because if the person you're shopping loves makeup & Sephora, you'll know. Plus Sephora's brand is affordable & stays current to all the new beauty trends. They're always putting out new brush sets, products & skin care items. I'd really recommend checking out Sephora's store or website out because they're always launching something new! 

Of course all of these are suggestions base on things I would think would be a fantastic choice, however it really comes down to how well you know the person you're buying for. 
Either way I hope you, or you & who you're buying for have an amazing Valentine's Day. 

Thanks for checking out my post,
Anita xo