3D Candy Corn Stripes | Halloweenicure

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Hey guys! I hope you're all doing wonderfully. Today I'll be sharing this 3D Candy Corn Stripes manicure!
3D Candy Corn Stripes | Halloweenicure
3D Candy Corn Stripes | Halloweenicure
Products Used:
Avon - Orange You Crazy
Avon - French Tip White
Essie - Aim To Misbehave
Dotting Tool
Latex peel
& Uber Chic Nail art mat

First you need to apply your base colour, here I chose white however now that I look at it I really do wish I used a black base. Once your base colour dries, put some of the yellow on your nail art mat. Use the dotting tool & stir it, you need it to dry a bit so it stars to get stringy. Once it starts to get stringy you gotta drag it over the nail. Then repeat this for the other two shades. You can top coat if you like however that does even it out a bit & make it less 3D.

How you enjoy!

 photo hgj_zpsocvkeyqw.png