Turning Point Apple Cider

Hey guys! One of the things I love enjoy is relaxing at night, playing some music & taking sometime for myself. 
Turning Point Apple Cider
Turning Point Apple Cider
Whether I'm doing my nails, taking pictures for the blog or writing up a post. I love having a nice adult beverage at my figure tips, usually I drink wine however my hubby popped by the LCBO after doing groceries. I guess there was a sample cart & he knows how much I love apple cider, & it tasted great so he picked up a few cans for me to try.

At first I wasn't sure how I'd even feel about them because I've never tried an alcoholic cider before, but once I tried it, I was very pleasantly surprised. It's so delicious. Like wow, it's not what I expected at all. To explain the taste it's like carbonated apple juice with a hint of beer but like a good beer. It's a very tasty drink.

I also really love the design on the can, it's very simple, but memorable. Also the fact it's a product of Canada makes me want to buy even more, I love supporting Canadian brands. Plus the prices is extremely reasonable, $2.75 for one can? 10 more please!  

I would highly recommend trying em, they're delicious, Canadian & perfect for helping me welcoming Autumn back. <3 

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