The Face Shop | BeBe Lip Mask

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Hello beautiful, today I'll be sharing my thoughts on the BeBe Lip Mask from The Face Shop!
The Face Shop | BeBe Lip Mask
The Face Shop | BeBe Lip Mask
Something some of you may not know about me is, I love lip care products. My lips can get start to peel rather quickly & I can't stand the feeling of it. So I love to try out different lip balms, scrubs & masks. So when I seen that The Face Shop had a lip mask I was super excited to to try it!

The lip mask itself is two separate pieces, one for the top lip & one for the bottom lip. It's sort of like a solid thick gel mask, it has a bit of a slime like texture but it's more of a smooth slim not a sticky slime, similar to the inside of an Aloe Very plant.

They both kept slowly sliding down, but it wasn't too big of a deal. After I took it off the skin on my lips were a bit more moist which would be a perfect time to use a lip scrub. So I kind of wish it was like a 2-in-1 pack where it had the lip mask on top & attached a tiny foil packet of lip scrub. Other than that I didn't really think it's worth it. I'll just stick to my favourite lip balm.

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