Makeup Brush Containers!

Hey guys! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have already seen these however I love them so much I figured I would share all the info right here!
Makeup Brush Containers
So it all started when I received a 55% off coupon in my email. & To be perfectly honest I was super excited because usually they do 25, 30 & 40 percent & every so often 50%. So Seeing that they were doing 55% off I HAD to go, plus a few of my friends told me they started to get their fall & Halloween decor items.

So even tho I was fan girling over everything, these seriously stood out to me. There was a 4th one that was green & said Bone Dust however I was pretty positive that I didn't need all 3 for my brushes.
Makeup Brush Containers
Anyways when I got home & put my brushes in them I did notice that they were a bit too tall for my brushes, so my hubby suggested that we just add something in the bottom to give my brushes a bit of height. I actually have a good amount of foam board left over from making my light box so I just measured the hole, cut out the circles & dropped them in the bottom.

I absolutely think they out perfectly, what do you think?

 photo hgj_zpsocvkeyqw.png