Arm & Hammer | Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste

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Hey guys, I hope you're all doing well! Today I have a different type of review to share with you however everyone has teeth right, okay well most. So it's relative right?
Arm & Hammer | Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste
Arm & Hammer | Truly Radiant Clean & Fresh Toothpaste
 To be very honest too a lot of people all toothpastes all seem pretty similar, & a lot of them are some type of mint. & Usually you have to use them for a while before you can actually tell a difference which can make reviewing a toothpaste a bit difficult. However I've been using this product for about a month so I've had to a good amount of type to form an opinion.

The texture to some may be extremely different, the fact that there's baking soda in it does give it a tiny bit of a gritty feel. However baking soda is pretty fine & not at all as abrasive as you may think. If you've ever used a homemade baking soda toothpaste or even the Toothy Tabs from Lush then this toothpaste wont even bother you.

 I personally don't really notice much of a difference compared to my previous toothpaste. I found it cleaned my teeth very well leaving them feeling & looking clean. I didn't really notice a difference colour, I didn't find that they were whiter, however I am a pop drinker, so the fact that they didn't get darker was a good sign too! However I'm betting if I didn't drink a dark pop that they would be a tad lighter. Who knows, I know I'm not giving up pop tho! :P

If it's there & a good price I'd recommend giving it a shot, it may be your perfect match!

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