Totally Cute | Too Faced

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Hey guys, today I have a 9 pan palette from Too Faced to share with yo. It's the Too Faced Totally Cute palette!

One of the cool things about this palette is that it comes with two sheets of stickers, that you can to customize the palette exactly the way you want it. Which is totally brilliant!
Totally Cute | Too Faced
Totally Cute | Too Faced

I absolutely love most of the stickers however I didn't want to over crowd it so I only put a few stickers on it. However the wonderful thing about this palette is you can put as much or as litter as you like.
Totally Cute | Too Faced
Totally Cute | Too Faced
This palette has a beautiful selection of shades, however I do want to say that I am surprised they released this in July & not in late August or September. It has a very Autumn vibe to it.

Totally Cute | Too Faced
Totally Cute | Too Faced

All swatches are done with an Sephora eyeshadow brush & have been swatched over Urban Decay Anti-Aging Primer Potion.

Double Scoop is a soft matte, peachy nude. 
Bunny Fu-Fu is a matte rich toasted orange. 
Chocolate Donut is a very deep brown with purple tones. 
Double Scoop, Bunny Fu-Fu, Chocolate Donut
Double Scoop, Bunny Fu-Fu & Chocolate Donut

Shooting Star is a shimming warm beige, it does have the slightest hint of pink to it.
Clover, wow I absolutely love this green. It's very vivid yet a light green plus it's verry shimmery.
Storm Cloud is two of my favourite colours combined into one shadow. It's like a purple base with a ton of blue shimmers within it. 
Shooting Star, Clover & Storm Cloud
Shooting Star, Clover & Storm Cloud

Unicorn is either a duochrome white that has a purple/pink shift to it or it's a while base with pinkish purple shimmers. 
I <3 TF is a beautiful shimmery pink that has baby pink flakie glitters in it. 
Meow! is a very rich shimmery plum shade, it's very soft & creamy. 

Unicorn, I <3 TF & Meow!
I absolutely love this palette, & even tho i feel like it has a very Autumn feel about it, I really hope they do a halloween type palette. Maybe that's what their collab with Kat Von D is. Oh I hope so! With that being said if you can get this palette I would recommend grabbing it, it's gorgeous & has such a beautiful colour selection. & I really do think it's a must have as you can even you the light shimmery shades as a highlighter. 

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