Garnier | Cleansing Cloths

Press Sample

Hey guys, here with a bit another excuse, I've had a lot going on this month so I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to however that should be changing next month. 
Brand: Garnier
Type: Fresh Cleansing Cloths
Price: $5.97
Wipe Count: 25
Cost per wipe: $0.23

Packaging (Plastic lid or Sticker):

Available at most drugstores.

Live up to its claims?
Yes, it did remove waterproof makeup.

Taste or Eye irritation?
None at all.

Does it work on waterproof makeup?

How many wipes for a full on glam face of makeup?
Roughly 3-4

How many wipes for simple makeup?

Fragrance Free or Scented (if scented how strong)?
Light scent.

Amount of times used during the week?

Do I recommend Them?
I personally didn't really like them, I found them the cloth to be a bit thin & rough on the skin. So it more so felt like an exfoliating wipe, which isn't something I want to use on a daily basis, however it is something I would reach for when my skin gets a bit dry & flaky.

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