Dry Bar | Gold Mine Shimmering Leave-In Condition

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Hey guys, with summer comes all things golden & shimmery. So it's only right that your hairs sparkly as well.
Dry Bar | Gold Mine Shimmering Leave-In Condition
Dry Bar | Gold Mine Shimmering Leave-In Condition
When I got this I was extremely excited for the fact that I love everything glittery & I'll pick gold over silver any day. Plus the packaging is super cute, 

 I tried this conditioners a few times, but was sadly disappointed almost every time. Each time I used it I was left with so much glitter on my hands it looked like I was wearing gloves. It kind of gets everywhere. I also didn't find the leave-in conditioner to be very conditioning. I found it to be mainly glitter & less product. I tried using this on damp hair to help distribute the product & see if it made it more manageable, but it didn't. 

I had to use a good amount of products due to the thickness & length of my hair. The way I really did enjoy this was by having a slicked back ponytail, rubbing the product thoroughly in my hands, then going over my hair & rubbing it into my free ends. However if I really wanted that glitter effect, I could always buy glitter & hair spray.

Gold Mine is 3.4 oz for $29.00 USD. Unfortunately it didn't work for me however that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for others. Although I don't think this would be a great product for blondes. 

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