ChickAdvisor | #VichyWorksForMe


Hey guys! Chick Advisor emailed me some time ago saying they were doing a Vichy champagne, so of course I applied for it & got an email saying I was accepted! So here we are today!

Now if you don't know what Chick Advisor is it's a fantastic website that allows you to rate & review products, & there's an added bonus to the site that's called the "Product Review Club'. You can become a member of this club (for free) & automatically start applying for champagnes. If you get chosen they'll send you products for free for you to review. All you have to do is rate & review the products they send you within the time frame given, take & share a few pictures of the product & you're done. It's really an amazing program, & you don't even need to be a blogger to do it!

The products I was sent are Vichy Normaderm Deep cleansing Gel ($19.95), Vichy Normaderm Purifying Pore-Tightening Lotion ($19.95) & the Corrective Anti Acne Treatment 24H Hydrating Lotion Reviews ($29.95). 

The "Try It" instructions are
Cleanser: Wet face with warm water. Work cleanser into a lather and massage onto skin in circular motions avoiding the eye area. Rinse and pat dry.
Toner: Apply morning or evening with a cotton pad on cleansed skin, avoiding the eye area. Do not rinse after application.
Treatment: Apply a small quantity of acne care treatment all over the face, avoiding the eye area. massage gently until thoroughly absorbed.

I used these products for about 3 weeks, & didn't see any difference. Before this I used the Clean & Clear 3 step routine & that did just fine, & was about $10-15.00. With that being said I've only been using this set for about 3-4 weeks. I can't remember exactly when I got it, & within that time I've had a lot of ups & downs in my life & had a couple of stressful weeks lately. So my skin has been breaking out a lot, however that is a downside of being given a certain amount of time to try this before reviewing. Thing happen which can cause your skin to act up, which does effect the reviewing process.

During that time this set didn't improve my skin at all, you couldn't even really tell I changed it. However one this I did notice using these are that the products aren't as harsh. The toner doesn't sting, & the treatment doesn't have a "medicine" type smell to it. 

However I don't really find them worth the price tag, everything is over $15. I personally don't think they were very effective because for that price, no matter what was going on. I feel that it should have been able to improve my skin.

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