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Hello readers, I have the next Battle of the Wipes post. It's a Canadian brand this time, so some of you may not have heard of this brand but I assume you, that you are missing out for sure. 
Marcelle Make Up Removing Cleansing Cloths
Marcelle Make Up Removing Cleansing Cloths

Brand: Marcelle
Type: Make-Up Removing Cleansing Cloths
Price: $12.95
Wipe Count: 25
Cost per wipe: $0.51

Packaging (Plastic lid or Sticker):
There's a sticker closure.

They're available at most drug stores as well as almost any other place they sell makeup.

Live up to its claims?
"In one easy step, these efficient cloths cleanse and remove face, eye and neck make-up, even long lasting and waterproof formulas. They are extremely soft on the skin and respect the eyes' delicate pH level.
Perfectly sized and silky soft, these cloths contain moisturizing lotion to preserve skin's natural moisture leaving it feeling fresh. No oily or greasy sensation in sight.
Oil and alcohol-free, they're safe and comfortable for people with sensitive eyes or those who wear contact lenses."


Taste or Eye irritation?

Does it work on waterproof makeup?
Yes, extremely well.

How many wipes for a full on glam face of makeup?

How many wipes for simple makeup?

Fragrance Free or Scented (if scented how strong)?

Amount of times used during the week?

Do I recommend Them?
Yes, they are really good & easy to find. Plus they're a Canadian brand ! Woot Woot!

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