Perfect Manicure Kit | Avon

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Hey gorgeous! I have a manicure set that is just the perfect size to throw in your purse for emergency nail troubles! 
Perfect Manicure Kit | Avon
I often get asked the question, "How do you get your nails so long?" "How do you grow them out?" & to be honest it's all in the care.

1. Cuticles: I use a cuticle removing gel frequently, no I don't cut my cuticles. The gel remover just loosens up the dead cuticle skin  & using a cuticle pusher (the stick item on the right) I push my cuticles back & gentle "scrape" (hate that word sounds so harsh) the dead skin away.

2. Shape: Finding the shape that works best for your everyday life is important. My two favourite shapes are Round/almond & Squoval. I used to love squared nails however the sharp edges would catch on everything which often lead to my nails breaking easier. However If you square them off & file the sharp edges down a bit you end up with squoval nails.

3. Chips & Peeling: If you notice that your nail has chipped or started to peek, don't leave it. You'll probably end up picking & pulling at it which will only make it worse. Clip the dangling bit & file it down so the edge is smooth or if is peeling file the end if you can so there's not more peeling nail, that way it won't continue to peel more & more down the nail.
Perfect Manicure Kit | Avon
I love this set, the outside looks sleek & nice & the pop of colour on the inside is beautiful. I love the pattern. I think anyone could benefit from having one of these in the purse or bag since we all have nails. The two items I'll get the most use of is the cuticle pusher & file. I'm not really a fan of nail clippers since my nails are hard & very curved so if I use them they actually cause peeling & breakage. However they do work really well for my kids nails since they're so tiny & flat still. Also a tiny pair of scissors can come in very handy, if you have a loose thread on your clothes or something. You could even add some thread & a needle to this kit & make it even handier or even a pair of tweezers. 

This set will retail for $10 & is available now (April 2016) through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, 1-800-265-AVON or online at

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