NYX | First Base Primer Spray

Hey guys, one of the things I appreciate the most are products that make life easier. 
I bought this at Ulta about a month or so ago & have been using it ever since. I used to use the Almay Smart Shade CC Luminous primer, & I remember it being okay, but it wasn't amazing. It lasted me while & it did it's job. So when I spotted this at Ulta, I had to have it since I rarely switch up face primers. 

My favourite thing about this primer is that it's a spray, which is genius. There's lots of setting/finishing sprays so why not start your routine with a spray & and end it with one? I apply it after I've put my hair up & before I put my lip balm on, which is usually how I prepare to do my makeup. Another thing I love about this primer spray is that there's not really a scent, maybe the faintest scent but it's gone by the time it reaches your face. Also it feels as if you're spraying water on your face, it doesn't leave your face feeling sticky or "coated". 

It's really light compared to what I was used to, which makes my face feel more comfortable with a full face of makeup. Which does make me consider this as a "game changer" in my makeup routine.  I really do enjoy it & I recommend that everyone tries it, it may just cause you to change your makeup routine as well.

 photo hgj_zpsocvkeyqw.png