NEW! Deluxe Cleansing Brush | Avon

Press Sample  

Good morning guys! I have a fantastic product to share with you from Avon! So let's skin a long introduction (which I never do) & just get right into the product!
First of all it's purple, my favourite colour! So for that I already love it. The brush head is densely packed with bristles, with a unique design on the top. There are medium sized bumps on the top which are formed by the way the bristles are cut. The brush feels incredible to the touch & extremely gentle on the face. I've only used it twice so far however I really enjoy it, because it's not too small or big, it's really just the right size.

You can keep it up right & easily wash your cheeks in two seconds but you can also turn it so it fits perfectly between the size of your eyebrow & hairline. Due to the fact that it's so dense you really don't to apply a lot of product on it because it just lathers the product so easily & spreads it out. Of course I would suggest a damp face before you use the brush + product on your face, because if your face isn't wet the cleanser doesn't really lather that quick, just a helpful tip. Oh yea ! There's also a string at the end of the brush handle which I recommend using to hang it up to dry after using it because it you just lay it down, the water sitting in it may end up breaking up the glue after a while.

However I did really want to get this post up as soon as possible as the product just became available & quantities are limited. The brush is $12.00 & is availble to purchase as of April 2016 through an Avon Rep, online at or buy calling 1-800-265-AVON.

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