My First Blogger Event | Quo's Sweet 16!!

Hey guys! I attended my first brand event as a blogger! I was super excited & privileged to be invited to Quo's Sweet 16/ 2016 Beauty launches! My bestie Kelly thankfully came with me, because I'm terrible at socializing with strangers. Small talk isn't something that I'm good at, I need a topic that I really like in order to actually be able to keep a good conversation with someone I don't know. I'm also oddly shy yet out going. I don't even understand me sometimes. Anyways here are some pictures we took on the way to Toronto, while we were there & on our way home!

Driving to toronto!!

Ahaha, we actually ended up arriving to the event a half an hour early which I took total advantage of. I got some really good photos because I didn't have to worry about people getting in the shot or products being out of place. 

Manicure Station!

New products!

Comfy couch & cute balloons! 

Makeup touchups / Makeover Station! 

Swag Bags!

More product launches!

Yum yums! 

Silly Selfies

More food, this mini burger was SO GOOD!  
 LMAO Kelly thought this was so awesome ! Corndog with a what looks to be a condiment dog on top 
 Yumm Chicken Parm Pop!

After the event/On the way home checking out our goodies & swag bags!

What was inside the Quo Sweet 16 Swag Bag! 

I see you stepping your makeup game! 

 photo hgj_zpsocvkeyqw.png