Makeup / Swatching Must Haves!

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Hey guys! I recently have been swatching and playing with a bunch eyeshadows for the past few months, so I've been testing out a lot of products that would help make the process easier.
Makeup / Swatching Must Haves!
Makeup / Swatching Must Haves! 
I've been trying so many makeup removers, facial wipes, brush cleaners, primers & even brushes. That way I can find the best products to make swatching easy & enjoyable. & These are some products that I have really found pleasant to use.

Sephora Colour Switch Brush Cleaner by Vera Mona(C$23.00)Which is a very porous & stiff. So when you swipe your brush over it, the bristles move all about & the shadow falls out. It's super handy for traveling, that way you don't have to being a TON of brushes. This allowed you to dip into one colour, swirl your brush on the Color Switch & then dip into a new colour. Extremely handy for swatching. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion - Anti-Aging (C$17.00)Which is one of my favourite eyeshadow primers. Sometimes it'll crease on my but sometimes it doesn't. It's very smooth & creamy in texture so it spreads out very well & since I'm swatching on my arm I figured it'd be perfect. Plus it's never too early to use Anti-Aging products! 

Joe Fresh Make-Up Remover Wipes (C$10.00)I just got these wipes on Friday, so far they're pretty good. They're infused with Vitamin A, C & D, & not only do they remove makeup but they also remove oil & impurities from the skin which is perfect since I'm swatching on my arm. Also there's the added bonus that they're alcohol free! 

Shadow Brush from the Brush up on Glamour- Minnie’s Beauty Tools ($73): I really love this shadow brush, it picks up the products really well, spreads it out & packs it on. LOVE it. I absolutely adore all of the brushes in this set. 

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