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If you're a makeup lover, you should know that in order to have the flawless finish. Skin care is extremely important. 
Growing up, I was never really taught about skin care & how a good skin care routine is essential for healthy  & beautiful skin. Now that I'm getting older (lmao a whopping 23), I'm really trying to find the perfect products to add an oomph to already current skin care.
I absolutely love multi-purpose packs that offer you different benefits. They're a personal favourite because when I have dry skin I need something moisturizing, when I feel my skin is looking a bit dull, I want something to brighten it & make it feel & look glowy. 
Here's a little bit of product information on each one. 
Monkey/Soothing: The moisturizing and soothing character mask formulated with moisture- and vitamin-rich Apple Extract soothes dry, sensitized skin.  
Triple Solution Essence: Apple Extract - Collagen - Hyaluronic Acid

Dog/Brightening: This character face mask formulated with Cotton Seed Extract brightens dull skin and leaves it looking and feeling matte. 
Triple Solution Essence: Cotton Seed Extract - Collagen - Hyaluronic Acid

Pig.Moisturizing: This moisturizing and illuminating character face mask with vitamin- and mineral-rich Honey provides intense moisture and adds radiance to your skin. 
Triple Solution Essence: Honey Extract - Collagen - Hyaluronic Acid

This 3 pack character mask has been an extremely pleasure to use, they've all been amazing to my face. The benefits after one use weren't aren't extremely noticeable but they are noticeable especially the soothing & the moisturizing. I think the soothing is going to be the best for summer, the brightening for spring & the moisturizing for winter. 

Sheet masks are a gift to skin care, because they make taking care of your skin so much easier. 

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