Netflix made me binge watch it!

Hey guys! My husband & I have been resisting the whole Netflix phenomenon up until early 2015. Mainly because we already had satellite & we used to go out every friday to buy a new DVD.  So when we finally got it, it didn't take long for the binge watching to start. 
Netflix made me binge watch it!
Netflix made me binge watch it! 

First it started with Lost. Now that's a show with 6 season which is a whole 120 episodes! It was amazing, except for the last episode. Ugh kills me everytime.  If you haven't seen it yet, basically a plane crashes on/by an island & strange things keep happening... & I mean strange.

Second was Downton Abbey, ugh pure gold! Currently there's only 4 seasons on Netflix which is 34 episodes. However because of that I did end up streaming season 5 & 6.  The first episode takes place in 1900's right when the titanic sank, which happen to have the families hire on it. So the family it left getting to know the new hire. 
Downton Abbey

The third is Mad Men, it's another period drama. This one is based in 1960, about a man named Don Draper who works at an advertising company. There's 7 seasons which totals to 83 episodes! 
Mad Men

I highly recommend watching these, they're absolutely fantastic! Let me know if you like this series, I'll gladly continue to share my favourite binge shows! 

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