Make Up For Ever - Eye Prime

Hey guys! So if you've been with me for a while you already know my deal, however if you're new you need to know that my eyes are so difficult, they're extremely oily & hooded. Which makes them hard to work with, so I am always on the hunt for products that work.
Make Up For Ever - Eye Prime
Make Up For Ever - Eye Prime

For those who don't have hooded eyelids, let me explain my issues. Mascaras that don't "melt" away are hard to find. & There's no doubt eyeliner will have melted off my lower waterline, no less than five minutes after applying it, leaving me looking like a raccoon. However the crease is a whole other issue, that causes my eyeshadow to transfer & smudge. Also there's the added bonus of anytime that I yawn my eyes water & as well as sometimes randomly the outer corners will just water. Plus the added bonus of my eyelids being so oily most primers don't work & a lot of products crease on me. 

So now that you know my issues let's start talking about the Eye Prime. My first impression of the packaging was that it looked very simple & most of the time simple works, but I opened and tried to use it, I wasn't impressed.  The product itself is pretty thick, not ever creamy which wasn't something I was used to. As well as the product stopper was doing overtime & actually stopping the product from coming out. So I tried to take the product stopper out which didn't go well because anytime I'd try to grab it with tweezers & it didn't work & actually slipped into the tube. But once that was done I was able to actually get some product out to try. 

The product itself is very thick & paste like. You need very little in order for it to spread out evenly. If you apply too much it will become a bit difficult to spread out because it'll slightly bunch together near the edges of where you want it to stop. And as you smooth it out the cream starts to try quickly so it'll stay like that, so when you apply an eyeshadow over it, in the it'll be uneven where the primer "clumped" together.

 I do however absolutely feel that this is the perfect primer to combat the oily section of my eyelid. It doesn't crease whatsoever & just leaves my eyelid & crease flawless even with a more creamier eyeshadow such as colour pops eye shadow. After my first use of this, I seriously couldn't believe it, it almost feels like what I've been searching for was found. With one small exception. The formula is a bit drying, so while that is the best thing for my eyelid, it's not so great when it comes to the inner & outer corner.

lol, remember I'm not a makeup artist. Just a regular person who blogs & loves makeup. Still learning.

It's a bit of a more dry formula so the reason that makes it great for my eyelid is why it doesn't work on the inner & outer corner of my eyelid. It leaves them feeling tight & dry. So what I like to do is apply a bit of the Eye Prime to the lid & crease of my eye & then another eye primer for the inner & outer corner as well as under the eye & brow bone.

I wouldn't recommend this for people who don't have oily eyelids because it might feel really dry on your eyelids, however if you're having a hard time finding a primer, it'd be worth a shot. However if you have oily eyelids or even hooded eyes I would urge you to try this primer. It's a complete makeup game changer. It is a bit of work in the beginning but it's really worth it. 

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