Pearl & Daisy | Product Review

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Hey guys! I hope you've all been well! Todays post will be a review on some bath products I received from Pearl & Daisy. So let's jump right into the post so you can find out what I think about them.

First up is the handcrafted Sand Dollar soap, which smells like Vanilla & Sandalwood. This soap actually surprised me. I, to be honest am someone who loves colours & candy like scents. However these soap was a very pleasant surprise, the look of it is very simple. Nothing flashing, it just lets your experience speak for it. The lather on this soap wasn't too strong, like it wasn't thick it was just very bubbly & soft. Also after your hands felt soft, mine did end up feeling a bit dry after an half an hour or so however I think that's just the weather we've been having.

Note, if you don't have the right soap holder that allows soap bars to "Drain" & allows the bottom to dry, the soap will stick to your sink or counter. So it's best to use a proper soap dish & one that allows the water to drain. This also does for most soap bars not just this one. 

Wild Rose & Lavender Dead Sea Salts for my bath? Yes please! I am in love with trying bath products! & The first time I tried bath salts it was a terrible experience because I filled the bath added to the water & then I got in & they just pricked me a million times by them. However I realized I didn't get them time to dissolve but now I know better used these properly. Swoon, I love them. They made the water feel so soft and gentle on the skin. The scent wasn't very strong, it was a very subtle scent. 

I am in absolute love with bath bombs, they are my favourite bath products, they make the water super soft, moisturizing, scented & sometimes colour. So I am always down for trying bath bombs from different companies. The bath bomb I got from Pearl & Daisy was Orange & Vanilla. It smelled so good, almost like orange chocolate, which is my favourite chocolate ever!
However when I used this bath bomb, it sadly wasn't a very good experience. I filled the bath up like I usually do, dropped the bath bomb in & it kind of sank a bit, it didn't stay on the bottom but it wasn't near the top either. It also distributed a lot of oil. There was a thin layer of oil on top of the water, & it was even collecting around the tub. To be honest I really didn't want to get in, & after I did I could only stay in for maybe 5 minutes. I had to take a shower after just because I could feel the oil on my skin & didn't like it. Maybe it was a bad batch I don't know.  I personally don't like my bath bombs to be that oily, I prefer them to be more for colour & scent & a bit of moisture, however I don't use them looking for them to moisturize my skin. I would rather use a bath melt for that or a good body butter after. So I really wasn't a fan of this product.

My favourite was the Wild Rose & Lavender Dead Sea Salts they are an excellent addition to my bath products bin! I would highly recommend checking them out! They were a beautiful scent as well! 

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