Make Up For Ever - Mist & Fix

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Hello readers! I am so please to be bringing you this post. It's on Make Up For Ever's Mist & Fix setting spray! So let's jump right into this!
Make Up For Ever - Mist & Fix
Make Up For Ever - Mist & Fix
A lot of you already know I am a wife as well as a mother of two, so everyday even the "relaxing" days are pretty busy & jam packed of moving around. I mean between housework & chasing after my almost two year old son trying to get things back my lip balm, the TV remote, his lunch plate etc I pretty much "work out" all the time. & with it being winter (sometimes, the weather in south Ontario, Canada has been pretty bi-polar) we have the heat on so I work up a sweat quite a few times a day.

Now I don't always wear makeup everyday inside the house when I'm not going out, but when I really want to review something I don't really review it based on the occasions I would wear makeup because that's usually when I need my makeup to be on point & look good. So my reviewing process is by seeing if the product(s) I'm testing out can withstand one of my at home days.

Mist & Fix absolutely held up its part of the deal. My makeup didn't get patchy, it didn't budge, I still got oily in my regular places but I wasn't expecting it to stop it. So I don't really know why I mentioned that. Hmmm. Oh yea I gonna say that even my sweat didn't keep it from working. The product spritz wasn't overwhelming, it was just the right amount.

 I feel like after I apply the Mist & Fix it blends my makeup  even more & then kind of laminates the makeup to my face. uh kind of a weird way to describe it but it works. It doesn't feel unformatable on the skin, it more so feels like you're just spritzing water on your face & it absorbed. You don't feel it but it does your face good. This setting spray doesn't contain any alcohol, which is something else I appreciate because one it won't cause my face to dry out.

Overall opinion, I love it, you need it, I need more of it. Off to Sephora I go. Simple as that.

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