Vita Liberata Luxury Tan | Self Tanning Tinted Mousse - Medium

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Hello everyone! So there's been a huge trend that's be happening for QUITE a few years, & this is my first time trying it out-ish. 

Now when I said Ish I mean, I got this in July? I really wanted to try it out because back in 2010 I used to use tanning beds to help dry out & get rid of my psoriasis & really fell in love with having a "glow".  However since then most of my psoriasis has cleared up and tanning beds can be pretty iffy. If you over tan it's weeks until it dims down, or if you lay the wrong way you can get a "crease" line where there'll be one lighter stripe, which doesn't look natural and gives you away instantly.

Which is what lead me to wanting to try a self tanner. I know I wanted something with a colour guard because if not I would be left looking, splotching, blotchy & crazy. So a colour guard was a MUST.
Second thing I was looking for was a brand that was trusted, from what I heard with self tanners the saying "You get what you pay for" really does apply. So I knew I wanted to try one with a good reputation. So when I had the opportunity to review this self tanner I jumped up & down  & said "YES YES YES" immediately.

So if you're not sure what a colour guard is, it's when they had bronzer to the formula. So when you use the product & you're spreading it around you can see where you're getting the product as well as where you missed, or where you need to blend more. I would highly recommend reading the directions before using as well as watching a few videos on application, especially if your a first timer like I was. They help a lot, but of course even after watching and reading everything I still messed up a little bit forgetting some of the tips, such as using it sparingly on the hands. eeek. lol you should have seen my knuckles after, when my hand where straight you couldn't really notice much but once I bent my knuckles you could see the creases I missed. Plus I added just too much on my hands. I should have just used what was left on the glove after doing my arms.

After application was done, the next day my skin looked healthier, & had that glow. Of course there were a few oopsy spots but very minimal & cause from my being a newbie. So I've used this a maybe once every other month, because I really wanted to dry it in the more dry season when it's cold but it performed just as well.

Vita Liberata is available at Sephora, the 100 ml / 3.38 fl. oz. goes for $38 however if you'd like a larger bottle I believe Sephora has an exclusive size that is 200 ml for $50 which is a fantastic deal!

Let me know if you've tried this brand or other self tanners. I'd love to hear your experiences. 

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