Ultra Sexy Heart | Avon

Press Sample

Avon's NEW Ultra Sexy Heart is the perfect way to catch the senses of the one you desire. 
Ultra Sexy Heart is a very strong feminine scent that is very playful, sweet and scrumptious. The bottle comes with a heart around the neck of the bottle, however once I unpacked the perfume & my daughter seen it she automatically had her heart set on having it. She was way too cute to say no to.

 The perfumes notes are maraschino cherries, red rose petals & chocolate marshmallow. At first I was a bit worried about the combination but I smelled it, all of the worry went away. I was extremely surprised by how well they compliment each other. At first when you spray it, the rose is a bit more dominant however it calms down & then you're left with a beautiful combination of almost a sweet fruity floral candy spray. It's really interesting.
Ultra Sexy Heart is available now for $26.00 through your local Avon Independant Sales Representative, 1-800-265-AVON or online at www.Avon.ca

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