Sephora + Pantone Universe | Modern Watercolors Eye Palette | 2016 Color of the Year

Press Sample

Hey guys! I have a seriously gorgeous palette to share with you. It's this years 2016 Color of the Year palette which is called the Modern Watercolor palette. 

"The Colors of innocence. The Colors of impressionism. Now as the Color of the Year, see how a timeless pastel duo has turned from sweetly conventional into 2016's most modern color story. In Rose Quartz, traditionalist will find a comforting favorite. In Serenity, Trailblazers will discover that any color can be worn in any way, anywhere. Accompanies by the complimentary tons lip and eyes, this watercolor-soft pair heralds a return to classics as well as a fearless declaration that mainstream beauty has finally embraced the bold and subversive, Break the rules --and make new ones--with Rose Quartz and Serenity."

This year Sephora + Pantone Universe SLAYED the palette game with the Modern Watercolor Palette. It's absolutely stunning & filled with 24 beautiful picked shades including this years two colours of the year which are Rose Quartz & Serenity. This palette has such a beautiful colour rage from beautiful pastels to fun bright colours.

 The swatches below were swatched with my finger not a brush. The names of the shades with be lists from left to right. 

Bright White, Rose Quartz, Honeydew, Cafe Creme, Mellow Yellow & Ash. 

Antique White, Mushroom, Pelican, Chinois Green, Cedar Wood & Citadel

Oyster Mushroom, Coral Haze, Pale Mauve, Cafe Au Lait, Bao & Serenity

 Fruit Dove, Orchid Haze, Cascade, Lantana, Linden Green & Marina

The Modern Watercolor palette is currently available at Sephora (now out of stock) for $49.00. This palette was made for gradients. They're are some shimmers but most of them are mattes. I have yet to use this palette other than the swatches, but I will be using it this week for sure! I cannot pass it up.

Already from swatching I could tell the formula was wonderful there they didn't create much dust nor did they "crumble" while swatching. Some of the shades were a bit less pigmented but I believe they're supposed to be to give you more of a soft of colour since it's a watercolor palette. And often watercolors consist of light sheer & deep opaque shades.

Absolutely in love.

Which colours are your favourite? Mine are Cafe Creme,  Chinois Green, Cafe Au Lait & Bao.

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