Avon | Big & Falsh Lash Volume Mascara

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Anyone else love big long lashes? Me too, I just gotta do more work to make them look like they're natural. If you've been a reader for a long time period,  you probably have already picked up that my eyes are the most complicated eyes to "makeup". Sometimes I just don't even bother okay, most of the time. They're actually why I don't apply makeup daily. Which isn't surprising considering I have extremely hooded eyelids which means barely any, & the same goes for the lashes. I have like none, So short and stubby.

 When I do wear makeup I can't stand the way a full face of makeup looks with my eyelashes. It's almost like doing a fully face of makeup and leaving your brows undone or full of foundation (it leaves them looking dusty). So false lashes are a must with me, once again finding the right length lashes are a difficult because they don't be too long, they'll take up my whole eyelid, crease & under brow & yes even get caught on my eyebrow which is not cute, professional or comfortable.

Basically what I'm leading up to is I now judge a mascara on how well it works with my lashes. I base my opinions on how many shades of the mascara are available, the consistency, how voluminous my lashes are afterwords, if they make my lashes look longer & if they blend well with my lashes. Seriously, eyeshadow primers, eyeliners, falsies & mascaras are no game when it comes to my eyes. If I apply the wrong product I'm left looking wonky. 

My thoughts on this mascara are pretty mixed, the mascara blended extremely well with my lashes, there wasn't really any clumping, & it gave my lashes a think look which was really pleasant and what I left helped the falsies look more realistic. The formula was also more on the dry side which is something I like because then you don't end up with mascara dots on your eyelid, but I did find it a bit too dry.

However I do find the mascara to be a bit on the heavier side adds a bit of weight which I didn't like considering I already have to wear lashes, as well it didn't add any length for me, it left my lashes looking thick but made me feel it made their stubbiness stand out even more. So sadly I wouldn't pick up this mascara once I run out but it's not like I'm not gonna finish it. It to me is mediocre for my lashes. I can see this working with someone who has long and this lashes rather than someone with medium thickness and short lashes.

If you're interested in testing it out yourself, it retails for $10.00 and is available to purchase through your local Avon rep, online at Avon.ca or by phone 1-800-265-AVON.

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