Softlips | NEW! Luxe 5 in 1 Lip Moisturizer

Press Sample

Hello lovelies! Happy Holidays! As well I'd love to share that Softlips as released a new product which is the Luxe lip moisturizers ! Plus I have a surprise as well! 
These Softlips Luxe 5 in 1 lip moisturizers have the benefits of hydration, replenishing, smoothing, protection as well as the benefit of shininess. 

However I have to talk about the packaging first, because it's very appealing to the eye. The clear plastic, & tinted plastic just leaves it looking crisp, sleek & clean. Which isn't surprising consider they has a glass look about them. Even the product itself is a light creamy white colour. 

So the press release I received says the following blurb about the product. 
"Hydrates - With nourishing butters & coconut oil
Replenishes - With antioxidant Vitamins A, C & E
Smoothes - Rough, chapped lips with light-weight & non greasy formula
Protects - Moisture barrier that protects against dryness
Adds Shine - for a perfect radiant finish" 

Which so far I mostly agree with, I do find them a light weight however I do find the product a bit on the thin side so if I eat something or drink something most of it will come off onto the food I'm eating or on the cup I'm drinking from which will leave me having to reapply. For my body chemistry they do work well when it came to smoothing out the lips, because when I get chapped lips some bits start poking up and these do smooth out the dry bits. 

My favourite use for these are to apply before I apply a liquid lipstick or a regular lipstick considering if you have dry peeling lips while wearing lipstick, the cracks ALWAYS show & I can't stand it. So there's my little tip if you're interested in trying them. Here in south ontario it is "winter" I do say "winter" & not winter because where I am located WE STILL DON'T HAVE SNOW!! :( Which kills me. Anyways as I was saying, where I live it's "winter" so it's pretty cold so it's dry season. So my lips have been more peely & dry, & these have passed the test pretty well.

The new Luxe lip moisturizers are available exclusively at Wal-Mart. & the SRP for one is $4.67. 

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