Quo by Orly | Perfectly Painted containing 12 nail polishes

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If you're Canadian you oughta know by now that Shoppers Drug Mart is one of the best places to shop all  year around but especially during the holiday season. & One of the main reasons that is,  is because Quo Cosmetics always impresses!
This Quo by Orly Perfectly Painted gift set contains 12 mini nail lacquers, The colours that were selected to be in this are sure to please anyone! The colour selection are very fun & bring but at the same time there's some that are very muted & neutral. So let's just jump into all of the swatches!  

Wait, wait wait. Before I begin, I regret to inform you that sadly none of the minis have names so I just describe the colour below the picture. 

1. First up is an extremely bright neon pink that is just so eyecatching. I personally hope they bring this into the permanent collection, because I'd love to get my hands on a full size.

2. Is a gorgeous glitter that contains hints of tiny gold glitters as well as medium small silver glitters. Absolutely perfect for the holidays as everything is glittery during this season. This polish can be worn on its own or can be built up. I decided to layer it over another shade using the reverse glitter gradient technique.

3. This a stunningly unique dusky purple shade that has fine silver shimmer running throughout it. Love it.

4.  Number four is a bright jelly like royal blue containing either light blue or silver shimmer throughout.

5. This one is a bit of a finish mixer, It's like it's a jelly polish but at the same time a creme finish, which in case you're new to different nail polish finishes is called a crelly finish.

6. This beaut is a very fun & interesting colour. It's one of those shade's that have been trendy for a few tears now where it's a pastel neon, absolutely gorgeous, another must have in a full size,

7. You may think this would be considered a 'Classic' red, however this polish has that crelly finish I was just telling you about.

8. Ugh this light peachy beige is another one I need in a full size,

9. Number nine is a purple washed white, it has just the smallest hint of purple to make it not white anymore, so I guess it's actually a REALLY light purple

10, This is a dusty peachy pink, it's extremely complimenting & perfect for any season.

11, Is a beautiful dark purple, but it's not so dark that you can't tell it's purple.

12. Is a beautiful silver coppery shade that is lovely. I can't tell if the base is copper & there's silver shimmer, if the base is silver & there's copper shimmer or if it's all just silver & copper shimmer.

Now much like Shoppers Drug Mart, Quo Cosmetics is a Canadian brand. & Quo cosmetics is exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Mart. This Perfectly Painted gift set is available now for $35.
All of the polishes in the gift set had really great formulas & we're really opaque. However if you're not looking to get or gift nail polish I would recommend checking out the other products from the holiday collection! Lots of fantastic goodies!

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