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Have a special occasion coming up where you need a Evening Dress & a polish to go with it? I've got a couple suggestions for you! (= 
The three Evening Dresses I have picked out are all from the website on the warm pinkish red side, because these are pretty popular colours when it comes to dresses. The polishes I have chosen are based the colours of the dress. They don't have to be exactly the same just similar.

1. This beautiful long red dress is made from satin which has a beautiful shine to it. Which is exactly why I think OPI - Ro-Man-ce on the Moon

 2. Next dress is a gorgeous dusty nude pink. These two are actually a super close match & this polish is OPI - Tickle My France-y.

3.  The colour of this dress is absolutely stunning. I must find a polish that perfectly matches this dress. It's like a neon pastel salony pink. The polish I have chosen is more of a dusty washed out shade of this dress which is OPI - Panda-Monium Pink.

All of these dresses are available on & I would highly recommend checking out the website. So many beautiful dresses available and the colour options are unbelievable! 

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