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This post is a tad late, however that'll benefit you!
10 Piece Nail Polish Set | TheFaceShop
So because I am posting this after Christmas instead of BEFORE christmas (it came late & by then I was already busy doing christmas things & life outside my blog). However now that I'm getting to it a bit after christmas you get a fantastic deal on this product! Because if you go on the it's actually half off. SCORE! So let's jump right into swatches of the polishes! * In alphabetical order.

TheFaceShop - BK01 
1. A standard cream black shade that is a fantastic opaque black. You can't go wrong with this. Two coats & you're good.

TheFaceShop - BL02
2. A medium blue that's a bit darker. It's one of those blues everyone think they have until they need it & it turns out that they don't. I know it happened to me. Again opacity is really good, 2 coats & it's completely opaque.

TheFaceShop - GLI002
 3. A gorgeous clear base polish that contains only silver glitters. There's small, medium & large silver glitters so it's pretty versatile over any shade. So simple but so needed.

TheFaceShop - GLI031
 4. A pearlized light pinky beige, it's just so elegant, perfect for when you want something simple but not boring.
TheFaceShop - GLI040
 5. Another basic polish that you'll need in your nail polish collection. This is a clear base polish with tiny gold glitter particles. This would be good on it's own, you'll need a few coats or over another polish or used for a glitter gradient.

TheFaceShop - GR02
 6. A medium green that's slightly blue toned. It's not to foresty it's just green. Opacity is beautiful on this polish so you only need two coats.

TheFaceShop - OR202
 7. A more orangish beige that's a bit more sheer. I believe I used two coats & you can still slightly see the nail line. This would be a very work appropriate shade.

TheFaceShop - PK110
 8. Every collection needs a fun & vibrant pink. So this of course is ANOTHER collection staple. Opacity is on point so only two coats are needed.

TheFaceShop - PP01
9. A deep burgundy red that is the perfect shade for fall or winter. It makes me feel so vampy & just makes my fingers feel so elegant like Morticia or something. LOVE. 2 coats for full opacity.

TheFaceShop - RD302
10. Last but not least, another collection must have. If this set didn't have a classic red I don't know if I'd feel the same about it. This red is just the perfect bright, eye catching, look at me but don't mess with me, ass kicking red. Only two coats needed.

I personally think they need to rename this nail polish bucket Nail Polish Collection Basics, or Must Have Polishes, Polishes Anyone Who Wants to Build a Collection Or Already Has a Collection Needs. Etc.  You know, nothing too complicated, but seriously all joking aside. These are all polishes you'd need to start any type of nail art or to wear throughout the year. All your basic must have polishes. Nothing fancy but ones you'll want.

So with all that being said... I know, I know. I can be quite the enabler. I can't help myself. I love beauty. & the fact that it's half off, I wouldn't be surprised if you've already stopped reading this blog post to purchase it. Hey I ain't mad. I would too.

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