Mont Bleu - Swarovski crystal nail file - Luxury

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These nail files are beautifully made and absolutely gorgeous in appearance. 
Mont Bleu - Swarovski crystal nail file - Luxury
Mont Bleu - Swarovski crystal nail file - Luxury
This nail file purely looks luxurious & it is however it needs to be a staple in everyone's nail care regimen. The level or coarseness is absolute perfect it's not gritty. It's smooth takes down length easily and does not cause the nail to peel.

This nail file it's absolutely stunning, it has a gorgeous hand that has a beautiful gradient from dark purple to light purple. On top of the beautiful gradient is Mont Bleus signature Swarovski Crystals on one side is dark rich purple crystals and on the other are clear (silver) crystals. 

These crystal files are absolutely fantastic, you can find some Mont Bleu products on amazon, as well as other distributors. I believe the closest one I know of is Whatsupnails.

If you don't own one of these however are extremely interested in crystal or glass files I would highly recommend picking one up immediately! They are absolutely fantastic! 

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