Give back to your community!

Hey guys! 
This holiday season, giving back to my community was something I wanted to do in every way possible so this year I would love to just share what I did to give back as well as what some of the companies I worked with did to help out!
First of all the companies I would like to thank for donating are:
Wet Paint polish
Rio Relation (Maybelline, The Body Shop & Essie) 
& Demeter Fragrance

Secondly I would like to thank Wet Paint polish for being the first to reply to my email. It really means a lot to me.

This was my first year volunteering at my local food bank, & it was quite the experience. The first say I went even more I started it was more of a workplace tour & during the tour, my boss showed me the toy room. One of the main things I noticed immediately was how many children's toys there were. So I asked about the teens & my boss told me that most of the donations are for children because that's what most people rather buy or just buy because they don't know that, items for teen girls are the least donated items. 

So this holiday I made it a mission to contact most of the companies I work with to see if any would be interested in donating some products. & Surprising I had a good turn out! It was much more than I expected.

As well as volunteering because my husband & I were fortunate enough to come into a decent amount of money just before the holidays we decided to sponsor two different families. Which was such an enrichening feeling. The feeling of helping a total stranger especially around the holidays was just amazing. My daughter loved helping & I cannot wait for her to begin helping others as well!

I'd love to hear what you're doing for your community for the holidays or throughout the year!

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