Botanical Colour Eye Pencils | Yves Rocher

Press Samples

I absolutely love bright anything to be honest. So I couldn't be more excited to share these with you. 
First off let me just say these pencils are incredible to work with, they're extremely pigmented & so creamy it's unreal. The gorgeous finishes each one has is just so stunning, you have shimmers, metallics, duochrome, & matte cream. Absolutely beautiful selection of finishes. 

From left to right we have:
01 Noir Ebene, 02 Gris Armoise, 03 Brun Ecorce, 04 Prune Pivoine, 05 Violet Iris, 06 Baie Nude, 07 Bleu Pensee, 08 Bleu Volubilis, 09 Bleu Paradis, 10 Eucalyptus, 11 Bambou, 12 Bleu Agave, 13 Citron & 14 Capucine.
01 Noir Ebene - cream black with micro glitters in that sparkle silver, green & purple. 
02 Gris Armoise - metallic gun metal silver with silver micro glitters. 
03 Brun Ecorce - deep shimmery brown with micro gold & bronze glitters.
04 Prune Pivoine - smooth silky metallic plum shade. 
05 Violet Iris - cream purple with tiny multi coloured (mainly silver) micro glitters.
06 Baie Nude - a really neutral light beige with silver & golden glitters. 
07 Bleu Pensee - deep navy blue with vibrant royal blue & purple glitters. 
08 Bleu Volubilis - medium blue silky metallic.
09 Bleu Paradis - vividly bright medium blue with hints of pink shimmers. 
10 Eucalyptus - Silky smooth metallic forest green.
11 Bambou - vibrant silky metallic ivy green. 
12 Bleu Agave - creamy opaque light teal. 
13 Citron - strong medium yellow cream. 
14 Capucine - slightly burnt orange shade with a very creamy texture. 
Almost all of these pencils are extremely pigmented, the only one that isn't comparable to the rest is 09 Bleu Paradis, It's still really pigmented but takes an extra swipe to get to the opacity of the others. Other than that they're all extremely beautiful & captivating. When swatched on my arm they lasted hows & they we're extremely smudge proof.  Each pencil is 1.2g & retails for $15.

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