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Hello everybody ! (=
Today I will be sharing some nail vinyls with you guys. The nail vinyls I'm sharing are Glam My Mani vinyls from 
Right (90 degree) Angle Nail Vinyl (Set of 272) By Glam My Mani
Right (90 degree) Angle Nail Vinyl (Set of 272) By Glam My Mani 
Have you seen all of the gorgeous manicures nail vinyls have assisted in? I hope this trend never ends, because they have seriously changed the nail art world. The vinyl design I'm using in this post are the Glam My Mani Right (90 degree) Angle Nail Vinyls. 
 First off let me say make sure your nail polish is COMPLETELY dry. I tried to do a few manicures where my polish wasn't dry & up it lifted with the vinyl. Second top coat before you apply the vinyl. I don't know why but this ensures that it's a clean peel & crisp lines.
Like with everything else, you have to practice. With the nail vinyls you can create anything you think of. There's so many designs & sizes. Also these nail vinyls are extremely affordable, however if you live in Canada shipping on a $7-9 USD vinyl can be roughly $1-2 USD plus exchange which isn't that great right now.

However, luckily has came to our rescue! They now carry nail vinyls which I might add are only $7 CAD plus free shipping. Which I have to say if FREAKING AWESOME!

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