TheFaceShop - Milk Calcium Nail Pack

Press Sample 

As a Nail blogger turn Beauty Blogger, I must admit. I am still in love with swatching nail polishes. In fact roughly 95% of my instgram is nail polish.
& for those who are unfamiliar which the term swatch in the nail world. Here's the definition Swatch: When a polish is applied to one or more nails (or on a swatch wheel) for a brief period of time. Usually done in order to photograph it for a blog post.

& Normally I don't just swatch one or two polishes. When I swatch, I power swatch. Which means I'll do anywhere from 6 to 18 swatches in one day. Which can be extremely drying on the nails & skin surrounding them.
So when I discovered the Milk Calcium Nail Pack from The Face Shop, I knew these would be so benefitical. & Luckily I was right. 

The Face Shop Milk Calcium Nail Pack is very moisturizing, especially with how dry my nails can get after power swatching & washing my hands frequently throughout the day. & for the price tag of $2.00 who could pass these up. Amazing results & price. Love it! Highly recommend checking it out! 

A serious must have!

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