Summer Fun Manicure! (Watermarble, gradient & stamping!)

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Hey guys! I thought I'd do some super fun nail art that greets summer with welcoming... in this case hands & arms?
If you'd like to recreate this manicure here are the items you'll need & what you need to do.

- white, light brown, light, medium & medium-dark blue nail polish
- sponge, I prefer kitchen/cleaning sponges with larger pores. 
- plastic cup with water
- hairspray or alcohol in a spray bottle
- cotton balls or pads
- nail polish remover or acetone
- liquid latex or hair glue
- stamper & scraper
- stamping plate with sandals 
- base & top coat

The products I used are:
Seche Base
Seche Vite
OPI - My Way Or Norway
Essie - Mint Candy Apple
Wet 'n' Wild - Putting On Airs
Sinful Colours - Why Not

Stamping polishes:
Moyou white
Essence - Stamp me! black

Moyou nails - big plate 7

1. Apply a base coat.
2. I have hair glue instead of liquid latex  so I applied that around around my curicles Allow it to fully dry. Careful not to touch it together or it sticks together.
3. Once the base coat & the hair glue has fully dried, you can start the gradiant. I layered from top to bottom the brown, light blue, medium blue, & then the medium-dark blue onto the sponge.
4. Allow the first application time to dry & then repeated the gradiant again to make it opaque. 
5. Once the gradiant is dry, using the white polish drop 2-3 drops of the polish into the water. Once the polish has spread out, spray  the polish with the hairspray or alcohol. The polish will start to create a cool spider web looking design.
6. If the web looks good you can stick one or two fingers in but if it looks great just do all of em!
7. Clean up. Remove the hair clue & clean up any polish around your nails that was left over from the watermarbling technique. 
8. Let it dry for about two minutes & then apply your top coat.
9. Enjoy you manicure & go to the beach! 

This nail art is a recreation! Check out the original here:

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