NEW! Kiss - Singles | One-Time Use Lash Adhesive

Press Sample

    Honestly these are flipping brilliant & could be a serious public embarassment life saver!
These new Kiss Singles are individual, one-time use lash adhesive containers. In 1 pack there is 12 individual tubes of lash glue. The adhesive contains alow & is Dermatologist Tested, Latex-Free, Formaldehyde Free & Contact Lens Friendly.
 This pack's SRP is $3.50 & is easily accessable at most stores where cosmetics are sold. I thin kthis are fanatastic because after applying your lashes you can put the lid back on the tube, put it in your bag along with your lip gloss & bring it with you in case your lashes come lose or fall off.

I always have an emergency kit in my bag, so I definitly will be throwing in 1-2 of these bad boys. There's nothing worse than losing a lash in the middle of the day, so now if that does happen, atleast you have a quick problem solver. Just make sure you have a mirror with you.

I would highly recommend picking some up if you use falsies !

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