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As most of you know I am nail polish obsessed, so I have tried many different base coats as well as top coats. One of my favourites it's Seche. Seche is an extremely well known brand for mainly for it's amazing professional quality such as their gorgeous polishes that are extremely pigmented & rich in colour as well as the famous top coat!
Seche Base is a Ridge Filling base coat that contains finely ground quartz crystal which helps hide imperfections on the nail & give it a completely smooth apperance while at the same time protecting your nails from being stained by you're favourite highly pigmented polishes.

I absolutely love that the base coat contains the quartz crystal because it gives it a gorgeous shimmer affect & because it's suspended in a transparaent creamish base it brightens the nails & gives it a whiter more healthier look. So it's very complimenting to wear it on it's own. 
Seche Base
Seche Base
The Polish I am wearing is a stunning light pinky lilac polish from Ceramic Glaze. It's from the brand Ceramic Glaze which contains special clay that slowly helps to harden & strengthen all types of nails. The shade I'm wearing is called Lavender Feilds Forever, & is currently available at Shoppers Drug Marts in Canada. 
Seche Vite over Ceramic Glaze - Lavender Feilds Forever
Seche Vite over Ceramic Glaze - Lavender Feilds Forever
Most people who love polish have know about Seche Vite. It is in my opinion the companies most well known product. It is highly raved about mainly because it lives up to the hype. I cannot get over how fast this dries my polish. The formula is amazing because it has just the right consisitancy. It's not too thick but just thick enough that evens out everything, whether it's 3D nail art, glitter or just polish.

Seche Vite have fully dried you're manicure in 5-10 minutes. Normally it dries mine fully (not just to top) in just under 5 minutes however it does very on the brand, coats, & humidity of the room you're in. 
Must haves in my nail kit! I know chocolates not nail related I just hide it in there so my husband doesn't find it!
Seche Base & Seche Vite work the best together. 
Seche Base os formulated to give your polish & Seche Vite the best grip to on onto.
Seche Vite's magic comes from within it's forumla, it was design to penetrate through the nail polish all the way down to the base coat to ensure everything dries completely, leaving a long lasting smooth shine. 

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