GOSH - Permanent Cream Hair Colour - Blackest Black

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I love how something as simple as changing your hair colour can make you feel new.
Today's post is gonna be on the Gosh hair dye. If you've seen older selfies of mine, you'll notice that my hair is dark brown, border line black & that underneath is a layer of blonde. My hair has been this way for a year and then some & originally I did it because I had my son that same year and was in the mom funk. If you don't what the mom funk is, it's when you feel worn, plain and personally neglected. So I spontaneously wanted to add some blonde to my hair.

Sadly I wasn't really in love with it, however I never really did anything with it. Well I miss my old hair colour. So I decided to check out the new Gosh hair dye and have my personal hair dresser who happens to be my husband and not a hairdresser, bring my hair back to the original colour. 
The colour I went with was Blackest Black which was a spot in match with my hair colour. It turned out to be a completely even blend. 

The steps were super easy to follow, & the products were all clearly labeled. 
Now the contents of the box of hair dye are: 
The instructions & gloves
Step 1 (Hair Colour Cream)
Step 2 (Developer Lotion)
Step 3 (Cream Conditioner
Sadly I'm not at all a fan of the gloves that come with this kit. They're not very durable or made well. Both gloves with split at the seams between the fingers. Which felt that part of the hand dyed. 
After on  the left - Before on the right
The colour lasted for about a solid 3 weeks before any fading took place, & when the fading tarted to occur it was very gradual. I dyed my hair roughly about a month and a half ago and it's still not fully faded. The under section of my hair is currently a warm medium brown which I love. Much better than the slightly brassy blonde. 

For the thickness and length of my hair I used two boxes as I applied it to my entire head of hair but I could have as my husband suggest used one box to apply to just the blonde section.
& this my hair about 3-4 weeks after colouring it.

I really enjoyed using this system. I even went out & got two more boxes just to I can maintain my colour. I am extremely happy with the results. Each box is $9.99 & is exclusively sold at Shoppers Drug Mart!

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