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 I started wearing false lashes roughly a year ago. I don't wear them everyday, just on the days I want to add an extra umph to my look. In the very beginning I had no idea where to start, so I ordered some cheapys in bulk from ebay to practice the application with. It took sometime before I could even get it to where it looked decent. So now I can comfortable use brands that are much more easier to access & that have a large variety of lases.
When I first started using Ardell lashes, I always leaded towards the Natural line because I didn't want wear anything to dramatic in the begining because I was still getting comfortable with wearing them. So these are extremely reasonable for beginners.

Ugh... The Ardell Glamour Starter Kit. <3
LOVE. These really extended my comfortzone. I thought that these would be too long for my eyes but they we're the perfect dramatic length. I had a bit of trouble with using the applicator because I already got used to my own thing, but I think if I started using it, it would have made it much easier. 
* If you'd like to check out how these looked on me [Click Here]. 

I'm not too sure why I thought these Duralash Individuals would be easier than the full lash strips but I did & I was wrong. These are an time investment when applying them. Honestly I think these are too advanced for me right now, luckily they're affordable & a good amount come in one packages. So I'll have to continue practicing because this is out of my comfort zone for sure.

Other must haves for trying or applying false lashes, a good lash adhesive! There's just as many lash glue companies as there is false lash companies. So it's all trial & error. You gotta find what works best for you. So far I'm really inlove with the Duo Lash Adhesive mainly for the fact that it an extremely trust worthy adhesive. I've never had a corner lift so far! *knocks on wood*

Plus it comes in different colors, I believe theres the white that dries clean & the grey/brown one that dries dark. I prefer the dark one because it helps conceal the lash strip. Most people are able to just line it with liner, however if I do that my whole eyelid looks like it's black. So I'm thankful that they give me the option!

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