Yves Rocher - Illuminating Powder & Roll-On Blusher

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Now normally I stay away from liquid blushes, mainly out of fear of adding too much or not being able to blend it out before it dries.  However I'm pretty pleased with my results from this Yves Rocher Roll-On Blush.
Yves Rocher's Roll-On Blush is comes in 10ml vial, with a roller ball applicator. It's a blush is a beautiful pink red that has the perfect consistency. Once the blush is applied it it gives you just the right amount of time to blend it perfectly. It doesn't stay wet for to long & it doesn't dry up too quick. The blush isn't really like the tints on the market now because it has a slight jelly look to the colour. Which is actually what I think it what makes it so perfect, this allows for even application so you wont have a spot where it's over concentrated spot. I also this that because of the colour & consistency is what gives it a natural blushing glow look. 

This years Yves Rocher summer collection contained gorgeous illuminating powder which is a very gorgeous mix of gold, dark & light pink shimmer particles. Absolutely stunning. I don't know how they do it but once this blush is blended in it gives you an amazing healthy glow look. The shimmers don't compete with the rest of your makeup, it compliments it. I extremely recommend this illuminating powder. 

Finished look using this the products in this post. I really love them & seriously recommend picking them up once they're available !

Product availability will be on June first at your local Yves Rocher & Online!

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