Demeter Fragrance Library - Mr.Bubble

Press Sample

Wow, talk about your childhood in a bottle. 
I still don't know how Demeter does what they do. Is their scent lab magical? Did they just straight up pour Mr.Bubble into Demeter bottles? How is this even possible. I am so dumbfounded by their brilliance.

As soon as I catch a whiff of it, it's almost like it's a time portal. This scent has such a strong memory trigger. I instantly remember being a kid & mom would add just a bit of the Mr.Bubble liquid only for me to add lots more in hoping the bathtub would over flow with bubbles. Which of course never happened but I always did have a lot of bubbles. & for some reason I remember playing with my barbies acting like they were mermaids. 

I would highly recommend this scent if anyone is looking to have a crazy flashback to their pass this is the scent for you.

However if you even just love perfect floral & fruity combinations, you'll love this.

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